Our volunteers

Processes are not linear, and during my experience there were times I was one step away from giving up, returning home, and leaving it all in the hands of other volunteers. But it was not fair. It was not fair with the families who opened their hearts, homes, and deepest concerns to us with the hope of a solution, an answer. It was not fair leaving when these families had overcome cultural, social and language barriers for the wellbeing of their kid, when they have been unjustly misinformed and neglected from any type of assistance in their community. I realized such things have fueled me with determination to continue in this journey, not only for the time left in Larache, but also for the future. In that vein, when volunteering, people talk a lot about the measuring process; but how to measure unmeasurable things? It is a simple smile, a kind gesture from the family, the joy of a parent who saw his kid expressing his thoughts and desire and the optimism behind all those long years of struggles. In other words, volunteering gives you an opportunity to change people’s lives, especially your OWN.

Sofia: International Relations and BA, Colombia