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Morocco’s Autism Care and Share Center

What: The Care and Share Center will be designed to share information, knowledge and resources to families impacted by autism. Resources may include but are not limited to, therapeutic materials, wheelchairs, shower/toilet chairs, toys and more! Families will have the opportunity to borrow materials that will benefit their child’s individual needs. In addition to these physical resources, the Care and Share Center will also provide factual information regarding autism. The goal of providing this information is to increase awareness and decrease the mistreatment of those with autism. In the future, we plan to introduce live workshops via the Care and Share Center.

Why: Currently, information and resources are not readily available to all. Families may not be aware of physical resources that exist, or simply may not have a way to access these materials. Information may be difficult to find. Those families that do have access to the internet and information on autism may find it difficult or overwhelming to navigate. The internet also includes some inaccurate information, which could be misleading to families. Our goal is to have a one-stop-shop that will be simple to navigate, accessible to all, and provide factual, easy-to-understand information, as well as loan out physical resources.

Where: Larache, Morocco