Reasons why we need your support:

  • To continue empowering families to create a positive and inclusive environment.
  • To continue offering multidisciplinary help for all family members living with Autism
  • To continue increasing the quality of life of Autism
  • Autism’s Dunya project remains 100% volunteer based. Although we have been offered a simple school venue here by the town of Larache, everything else comes from our own (and rather empty) pockets and donations.

What we use your contribution for:

Donations mainly go to accomodation, food and local transport for our volunteers in return for their service. But we must also provide all sensory music and toys for our student’s cognitive exercises, training materials for their families, and the administrative paper, printers, notebooks, photography/videography etc. to make that possible.

It is with the genuine intention to be of service here in Morocco, that we humbly ask for donations from an international community to make all of this possible.

What else can I do to help Autism’s Dunya?

Besides donating, you can also become a volunteer! Our project remains 100% volunteer based, there is not a single member of paid staff. Professionals and students from over 25 nations have participated in the project so far comprising 80% of our team, with 20% of locals also voluntarily (and incredibly) offering us their care and attention, ranging from cooking and cleaning to transport and translation.

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